Now, here's YOUR chance to contribute. Do you have a tale to tell of Old Vegas?

A wild wedding weekend at the Sahara, or a 1963 junket from the East Coast, that started with
mixed drinks & resulted in mixed memories? Perhaps you were mailed a flyer from good old Bob Stupak,
and were subsequently drawn in to a crazed, lowbrow whirlwind of galactic havoc at Vegas World.

Remember this: ANYTHING GOES here.

We want to hear them all: the good, the bad, the ugly. If your story (one or more) is used,
you will have the option to remain anonymous, while you and your privacy will be respected 100%.
Select contributors will be invited to tell the tale through an in-person interview, for inclusion in
the video documentary phase of this project.

We HOPE to be able to compensate accepted contributors, but cannot guarantee when or how much.
It all depends on how well this thing goes.


  • Shall receive, at the very least, a special relic from Las Vegas history
  • Will be directly helping those in need, in both Las Vegas and Greater Nevada
PERKS: This project has spent the last 3 years amassing a veritable museum's worth of awesome,
vintage Las Vegas keepsakes and oddities; most are unique, some quite valuable, all insanely cool.
We'll attempt to accomodate specific requests for items from specific resorts/ locations as requested...

however: first come, first served

I will soon post more sample photos of a small portion of this mega stash, to get the juices flowing.

Many, including some of the best of these items, will also be
used as incentives for our upcoming crowd-funding campaign:
DON'T MISS THAT! (details forthcoming, here on this page)

We are attempting to focus on the period from Boulder Dam & the birth of the U.S. 91 Strip (1930s - early 1940s)
all the way up until the Period of The Big Changes, Implosions & Themed Resorts (early to mid 1990s).
However, ANY tale regarding a now-defunct resort/ casino will be considered, regardless of decade.
(Stardust up to 2006, Riviera thru 2015, etc.)

Special emphasis is to be placed on our elders, who were there
during the very special, early years of Las Vegas. (1900s-1940s)

One the primary goals of this project is to preserve & respect
the memories of the ones who lived in, worked at and traveled to
this singular American City...

B A C K - I N - T H E - D A Y

Also, first-hand accounts and accurate anecdotes from friends & family members of departed Vegas pioneers,
entertainers, movers/ shakers, entrepeneurs/ impresarios, employees, tourists, gamblers, drunks, freaks & geeks,
are ALL also highly treasured here. Please let us help YOU keep those memories alive.

We also love USED POSTCARDS (postmarked) FROM VEGAS! Send in your scans, almost all will be used here.
Again, if privacy is an issue, we will gladly blur out names & addresses before posting.
We are also considering a sub-project, which will attempt to re-unite old postcards with
the original families of those who sent/ recieved them.

This could be difficult, but quite rewarding as well!

We want to hear from you! Remembrances of LV arena venues (like the old Aladdin/ Axis) and
especially 1970s & 80s tours that came through Vegas would make for a fantastic section here.
In addition, fans & musicians from all (past) eras of Vegas' Rock underground scene should be heard from.

Obviously, we will generously cover ALL classic Vegas entertainers, from the Rat Pack to Buddy Hackett.

With music, comedy & entertainment, as with all else here: ANYTHING GOES. Bring it, people!

ATTENTION: Mid-Century Aesthetic & Tiki Culture Enthusiasts -- enough said!

click me, baby

Eventually, this website will be jam-packed with a fascinating multitude of rare vintage
photos & slides, newspaper articles + ads, as well as all those great old Vegas postcards & ephemera.
All of the above will be accepted from contributors, either in physical or digital form.

This little corner of the web will grow up to be a well-organized, cross-referenced, prime resource for:
decade-by-decade/ resort-by-resort/ casino-centric, vintage Vegas research, reminiscing & enjoyment.

The second and third phases of this project will consist of Print and Cinema:
An intense, heartfelt & respectful, yet odd/ wacky/ offbeat & humorous audio/ visual documentary
will be produced, as well to publish as a fetching, irresistable coffee table book.

Here's a simple email contact link:

(we'll get a much better form interface going as time allows)

When Contacting:
Please state your name, provide your preferred email address, and briefly state 'what' and 'how' you wish to contribute.
A VOW: We will NEVER sell you out here: your email & personal info will never leave this place, PERIOD.
Look around here: what do you see? NO ADS, NO BS!
(just *bad clipart, right?)

How to Join this Project as a Creative Partner

(*FYI, old-school animated clipart has now come full circle, and is indeed 'cool' again)

If you have a suggestion for a worthy local Las Vegas cause or charity that you'd like to eventually
see benefit from this project, please include that info in your message as well.