(Note: We would love to, but do not expect to find any ONE person who fits all of these criteria. If you fit any ONE or just a FEW of the following qualifications, you can still help our project & be rewarded -- without necessarily becoming a full partner/ collaborator. Please, read through this entire page to see how we can perhaps work together on this unique and timely project. If this 'Lost Vegas' History Project appeals to you even just a bit, follow the URL at the bottom & dive right in! )

Project: Viva Lost Vegas - Creative Partner Qualifications

1. You know who Dan Tanna is/ was. The spirit of Dan Tanna (and Harlan Two-Leaf) dwells within you. (BINZER Braverman devotee$ will also be considered)

OK, seriously now...

2. You LOVE and CARE ABOUT Las Vegas History, and a part of you is torn away whenever they implode/ destroy a historical landmark like The Stardust, Dunes, Showboat, Riviera, Sands, Hacienda, etc. -- whether you've actually been to these places or not.

2a. You've actually been to "these places", and/ or the words "Vegas Neon Museum" get you all giddy

2b. You know which of the above-named resorts has not yet been imploded, as of March 2015

2c. BONUS: You know the difference between El Rancho and El Rancho Vegas

3. You are honest, creative, motivated, easy to get along with, and are (at least somewhat) skilled in social media

4. You have a STRONG sense of humor, and an appreciation and understanding of

5. You know who Bob Stupak, Milton Prell, Jackie Gaughan, Benny Binion, Del Webb, Sam Boyd, Jay Sarno and Menachem Ricklis etc. were/ are. If you don't, it's time to get studying:


6. IMPORTANT: You have a ton of spare time; being financially independent is a huge plus here, as this project is and will continue to be financially dependent on an upcoming crowd-funding campaign -- as well as yet-unrealized outside donations/ contributions and investors. (potential investors, take note!)

On the plus side of that, this project holds a stockpile of tens of thousands of dollars worth of tangible, valuable vintage Lost Vegas relics & collectibles, which will be offered to crowdfunders, collaborators, partners & story contributors.

6a. Worst Case Scenario Prognostication: If it all went south, there would still be eBay -- and we would share the wealth (and listing duties) from the liquidation sales of said relics there. Once you're in, I won't let you go empty-handed. (or perhaps we'll just ride off into the sunset & open up a Vegas Museum somewhere)

6b. ALSO IMPORTANT: you must support the fact that a fair-sized portion of the proceeds of this project will go to selected local Las Vegas worthy causes & charities.

    A. Have good business sense, or a background in business
    B. Live in or near the general Los Angeles/ Southern California or Las Vegas/ Nevada region
    C. Have experience in any of: Film/ Video/ Documentary, Publishing, Website or Graphic Design
    D. Have personal contacts who have great Lost Vegas stories to tell
    E. Have connections to classic Vegas icons & entertainers, or their immediate family members
    F. Are multi-lingual: we hope to get stories from Lost Vegas visitors around the globe
    G. Like to BRING COFFEE to people you work with (reciprocal, of course!)

8. You can physically & mentally handle an extended stay in Las Vegas, heat and all.

Oh, the Humanity!

Thankya verruh much, momma

The Bottom Line:

You are willing to make an initial sacrifice and take an initial risk, in terms of time & effort invested, to preserve Las Vegas history. You will most likely be compensated, possibly even generously, however there is no guaranteed timeframe or amount. The success of this project is directly proportional to & dependent on the amount of effort, dedication and creativity YOU and I put into it:

As for me, I am ALL IN.

How about you?

If you fit with a good amount of the above, and are willing to work on the rest, please contact me at: with the subject line: PARTNER

If you wish to contribute on a smaller scale, or want to help connect the project to meaningful entities, just use the same email address: and add whatever subject line you see fit.

ALSO: Please send our way anyone you know who fits a good chunk of these qualifications. We will reward YOU with an awesome, unique, extra-special Lost Vegas relic for referring to us anyone who eventually invests in, supports, or joins up with this project! Be sure to mention this 'Qualifications' page when referring.

This is a PASSION-based, as opposed to GREED-based endeavor. I hope we can work together!

The time has come - the past is alive - let's listen while we can:

Project: Viva Lost Vegas!